> bikeyoga: performance enhancement & recovery, naturally

The bicycle is an amazing tool. It provides a form of sustainable transportation, exercises the body and liberates the spirit. The physical benefits alone are countless. But like anything done to excess, cycling can take a toll.

Shortened hamstrings and hip flexors, stressed necks and shoulders, tight hips and weak lower backs come with the territory… And are usually 100% preventable and reversible.

Bike fitting isn’t just for pros. Everyone needs a bike that fits properly for the kind of riding they do in order to minimize unnecessary strain. But what if you’ve had a bike fit and you are still experiencing pain and stiffness directly attributable to riding?

BikeYoga to the Rescue
BikeYoga is a simple, down-to-earth yoga routine for cyclists. In as little as 20 minutes a day, you can start to feel more comfortable and at ease in your body—both on and off the bike. This isn’t your girlfriend’s power yoga. This is yoga for YOU—the passionate bike rider or racer—who wants to feel more comfortable and experience less bike-related pain.

Used as a post-ride or race recovery routine, you’ll enhance recovery through deep breathing and conscious relaxation. Muscles are more supple and receptive after a hard effort, so maximize your “cool down” and ramp up your flexibility easily.

The easy-to-follow practice manual guides you step-by-step and pose-by-pose in the comfort of your own home. No need for an expensive yoga membership…flexibility IS within reach!

Check it out!


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