Doing my happy dance

Recently I was commiserating with a ski buddy about the lack of snow we’re experiencing in the Pacific Northwest this winter. It’s been a terrible season, warm and wet. Many people consider skiing just “sport” and I suppose on one level it is, but to me it’s always been what you do in winter. See, I really don’t enjoy exercise for it’s own sake—it’s just not much fun. But I do love movement and give me some difficult physical undertaking that challenges my strength and fitness and is actually enjoyable and I’m likely to do it.

So my buddy explains the abysmal ski season very simply: It’s El Niño.

Turns out “El Niño” is Spanish for “shitty wet snow”.

So finally the forecast shows snow tonight on Mt Hood with more expected tomorrow. I cannot tell you how excited I am by this development. Words fail me. So, rather than even try to tell you I thought I’d just show you.

Witness: The Happy Dance.

Now then, back to our regularly scheduled introspection. After a day of play in the freshies.


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